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  • Measures for the Management of Makerspaces in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region (Trial)

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  • Measures for the Management of Makerspaces in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region (Trial)


    Act 1  总则

    Article one 根据Interim Provisions for the Record of the National Mass Maker Space (Guoke Huozi2017120号)、《Measures to Promote High-quality Development of the Private Economy(Internal Party Development (2018) No. 23), "Implementation Opinions of the General Office of the People's Government of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region on Accelerating the Development of Mass Maker Space" (Internal Affairs Office (2015) No. 124) andImplementation Opinions of the People's Government of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region on Strengthening the Implementation of the Innovation-Driven Development Strategy and Further Promoting the In-depth Development of Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation(Internal Affairs Ministry [2018] No. 14)The spirit, in order to promote the construction and healthy development of mass innovation space science, combinesThe autonomous region actually,Formulate these measures。

    Article 2 The term "mass maker space" in these Measures refers to theWithin the autonomous region,Enterprises, public institutions and social service organizations with independent legal personality rely on a wide range ofSocial resources,To provide innovation and entrepreneurship teams and start-ups, including work space, network space, communication space and resource sharing space, etc,Through whole-process supporting support, personalized innovation services, professional entrepreneurship counseling,To provide entrepreneurs with low-cost, convenient, all-factor, open innovation and entrepreneurship service platform。

    Article 3 Encourage and support all kinds of enterprises and institutions, investment institutions, industry organizations and other social forces in our district,Especially the leading backbone enterprises around the main business,Scientific research institutes and universities focus on advantageous majors,High-tech zones focus on key industrial areas,Invest in the construction or operation of various specialized, differentiated and diversified maker Spaces in accordance with market principles,To serve mass entrepreneurship and innovation。

    Article 4 Department of Science and Technology of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region (below简称municipalityDepartment of Science and TechnologyResponsible for the identification and development of creative Spaces in the regionManagement work。Entrusted the Torch High-tech Industry Development Center of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region to organize and coordinate材料审核、Policy implementation, work guidance, performance appraisal and other daily management services。

    Article 5 The Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, the national High-tech Zone Management Committee, the universities directly under the autonomous region and other relevant units are responsible for the organization, recommendation and guidance of the maker space within their jurisdiction。

    Act 2  Conditions and procedures for identification

    Article 6 The application for recognition of a mass maker space in the autonomous region shall also meet the following conditions:

    (1) Having an independent operating organization。The applicant shall be an enterprise, public institution and social organization registered in the autonomous region with the status of an independent legal person, or an internal institution, with operation time inMore than 1 year。

    (2) Having a fixed office space。The area of the operation site that the applicant can independently control shall not be less than500 square meters, and for the entrepreneurial team and enterprises to enter the necessary office conditions and conference rooms, negotiation rooms, public reception area, project display area and other public office space, the public space is not less than 50% of the total area of the mass innovation space。If it is a leased venue, the lease term shall be more than 3 years。

    (3) A sound management system and business development model。Have access and exit assessment of entrepreneurial entities, financial managementDaily management services and other rules and regulations。On the basis of the use of stock facilities, reduce costs through open sharing, gain benefits through investment and high value-added professional services, and explore sustainable development operation models。

    (4) There is a professional operation and coaching team。There are staff who carry out scientific and technological innovation and entrepreneurship services and innovation and entrepreneurship mentors who can provide guidance and consulting services。Have at least3Management service personnel with corresponding professional knowledge and skills。

    (5) It has complete supporting service functions for entrepreneurship。There are corresponding power supply, water supply, fire protection, communication, network and other supporting infrastructure, with"In and out" condition。To provide entrepreneurs with research and development design, technology transfer, certification and testing, business incubation, intellectual property, science and technology consulting, science and technology finance, information platform and other innovation and entrepreneurship services。Innovative and entrepreneurial enterprises settled in each year or团队Quantity not less than6, to carry out entrepreneurial salons, lecture halls, training camps and other training activities of no less than 5 times, successful incubation of no less than 2 business cases。

    (6) Have good cooperative relations with angel investment, venture capital, private equity funds and investment and guarantee institutions。

    (7) To provide no less than six months of free services to entrepreneurial entities (including free rent, Internet, counseling and training, investment and financing docking fees, etc.)。

    Article 7 Creative Space application materials include:

    (1) Application for Maker Space in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region。

    (2) Annex materials:

    1.Certificate of independent legal person (copy

    2.Valid identity certificate of the legal representative or the person in charge of the unit (copy

    3.Creative space产权证书Or lease contract (copy);

    4.makerspaceManage the list of service personnel学历证明, list of entrepreneurial mentors and appointment letter (or appointment document);

    5.makerspaceInternal management standard system;

    6.Launch of mass maker spaceServices, activitiesSupporting materials with service functions;

    7.Other materials to be submitted。

    Article VIII The Science and Technology Department of the Autonomous region regularly accepts the application for the recognition of the maker space in the region。The construction subject of the application for recognition of the autonomous region's mass maker space shall apply to the municipal Science and Technology Bureau of the league, the national high-tech zone Management Committee, and the StateGrade agricultural high-tech industryDemonstration zoneManagement Committee,The recommendation units such as universities directly under the autonomous region shall submit the application materials, and the recommendation units shall issue a recommendation letter to the science and Technology Department of the autonomous region after examination and approval;The science and Technology Department of the autonomous region organizes experts集中Review and field verification, and credit review, select the list of selected, after the public no objections, identified as the autonomous region's mass innovation space and awarded。

    The ninth article It has been identified (filed) as a science and technology business incubator, university science park, software industry base, and star innovation space, and is no longer included in the management system and performance assessment scope of the autonomous region's mass innovation space。

    Act 3  Policy and support

    Article ten The Department of Science and Technology of the Autonomous Region is responsible for serving and guiding the development of the mass maker space in the region。Science and Technology Bureau of each league city,National high-tech zone Management Committee国家Grade agricultural high-tech industryDemonstration zoneManagement Committee,Universities directly under the autonomous region, etcRelevant unitIt is necessary to extend the service mechanism, integrate various resources, help implement various support policies, and provide supporting support and services to the mass maker space and its entrepreneurial enterprises, teams and makers。

    Article 11 The autonomous region science and Technology Department gives a certain amount of financial subsidies to the autonomous region's mass maker space through performance assessment。Support maker SpacesWithin the innovation and entrepreneurship team and enterprises参与China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition双创赛事。

    Article 12 Autonomous region engineering (technology) research center, key laboratory and large instrument collaborationCommon networkAnd other scientific and technological innovation platforms give priority to opening up and sharing scientific and technological resources to maker Spaces。Strengthen the cooperation mechanism construction of various service resources and mass maker Spaces, and promote the effective flow of innovation and entrepreneurship resources inside and outside the district by means of research, forums, seminars, training, and training camps。

    Article 13 All kinds of angel investment, venture capital, private equity funds and investment and guarantee institutions are encouraged to invest in the mass maker space and incubated enterprises。To guide and encourage enterprises in the autonomous region's mass maker space in the regional equity trading market,"New third Board" listing and financing。

    Article 14 By inviting or hiring well-known entrepreneurs, successful entrepreneurs, angel investors and other ways, to give talent and intellectual support to the creative space。Actively play the role of innovation and entrepreneurship mentors, and provide makers with the whole chain of innovation and entrepreneurship services。

    Article 15 Excellent performance appraisal is recommendedThe autonomous region-level mass maker space is registered by the statemakerspace。For those registered as national maker Spaces, a one-time grant will be given500,000 yuan incentive subsidy。

    Article 16 We will encourage and support large enterprises, universities and research institutes to give full play to their resource and market advantages in professional fields, and build specialized maker Spaces in key areas of industrial development。For those registered as national professional mass maker Spaces, they will be given at one time500,000 yuan incentive subsidy。

    Act Four   Management and assessment

    Article 17 Establish and improve the autonomous region's mass maker space information reporting system。Makerspaces should be open every six monthsmunicipalityDepartment of Science and Technology上报Integrated operational and statistical data。ZhongchuacIn the course of operation, major changes in the area of the site, operating organization, business direction, etc., shall be reported to the autonomous region science and technology department through the local management department in a timely manner。The maker Spaces that receive the recognition and awards have the obligation to demonstrate, exchange and introduce experiences for other maker Spaces to learn from and reference。

    Article 18 Establish and improve the performance evaluation index system of the mass maker space。对已Identified as a mass maker space实行Performance appraisal and dynamic management。The performance appraisal cycle is3 years, per yearmakerspaceTime of determination,备案Grade and other factors依次安排Performance appraisal

    Article 19 The results of performance assessment and its application

       (1) The performance assessment score of the Mass Maker space is determined by the basic score (100 points) and additional (20 points), the final score is the sum of the base score and additional score。

       (2) Performance appraisal resultsIt is divided into four grades: excellent, good, pass and fail。得分85(含)aboveExcellent, score70(含)—85Score good, score50(含)70Classified as qualified,50Points belowBelow standard。The results of the performance assessment are publicized on the portal website of the science and Technology Department of the autonomous region and are subject to social supervision。

    三)The science and Technology Department of the autonomous region gives the space of mass innovation to the performance appraisalAn incentive subsidy of 400,000 yuan, and an incentive subsidy of 300,000 yuan for the mass maker space with good performance assessment;examineThe result is unqualified rectification within a period of one yearIf it still fails to meet the qualifying standards, its qualification for mass maker space will be cancelled。

       (4) Any unit that fails to provide assessment materials in accordance with the prescribed time and requirements or provides false assessment materials shall be deemed unqualified。

    (五)A mass maker space that fails to report statistical information for two consecutive years and violates management regulations will be disqualified from being a mass maker space。

        Article 20 If there are serious violations of laws and breaches of trust or major safety accidents during operation, it may be included in the abnormal list of operation and breach of trust"Blacklisted" makerspaces shall be disqualified from their makerspaces。


    Chapter Five  附则

    Article 21 These Measures shall come into force as of the date of issuance。


    Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Mass Innovation space performance evaluation index system (试行)


    Evaluation item

    Evaluation content

    Index interpretation

    Scoring rules






    Total area served

    The building area of office space, conference room, activity room, public service platform and so on provided by Makerspace for service teams and enterprises。

    Less than 500 square meters1分;

    500-3000 square meters 2 points;

    3 points for 3000-10000 square meters;Over 10,000 square meters get 4 points。


    Number of maker jobs

    The number of work Spaces for makers in the Makerspace。

    1 score from 1 to 20;20 to 40 is 2 points;Over 40 gets 3 points。


    Hard support for entrepreneurship


    Including but not limited to providing facilities such as product display, project roadshow, broadband network, open source hardware and software design, online and offline service platform, etc。

    1 point for each item, maximum 5 points。


    Software for entrepreneurship


    To provide makers including but not limited to R & D design, technology transfer, certification testing, business incubation, intellectual property, science and technology consulting, science and technology finance, information platform, industry and commerce, legal, financial, human resources, business management and other services。

    1 point for each item, maximum 8 points。







    Settled team and

    Enterprise situation

    The number of innovative and entrepreneurial teams and enterprises successfully attracted to settle in。

    Each enterprise gets 1 point;

    1 point for every 2 startup teams up to a maximum of 15 points


    The number of commercial enterprises entering the market through incubation

    The number of startups that have successfully entered the market for commercial operation from the mass maker space。

    Each enterprise receives 2 points, with a maximum of 10 points。







    Number of service personnel in the Makerspace

    The number of service personnel that the maker space provides to the team and the enterprise。

    1-3 players get 1 point;4-6 people 2 points;7-10 people get 3 points;10 to 14 people get 4 points;5 points for 15 people or more


    Entrepreneurship mentor


    The number of startup mentors hired by Makerspaces。

    1 point for every 2 tutors, up to 5 points。


    Business mentor counseling services

    The hired tutor shall provide relevant supporting materials for the tutoring service carried out in the mass maker space。

    1 point for each 2 service sessions, up to 5 points。











    Public technology


    To provide makers with research and development, achievement transformation, scientific and technological training, technical information provision, product design, technical guidance, technical testing, analysis and testing, certification, high performance computing, pilot, pilot and other technical services。

    One point per game,

    Maximum 7 points。


    Other innovation and entrepreneurship services

    Assist makers to match achievements, participate in scientific and technological achievements trading, scientific and technological project promotion and other scientific and technological exchange activities;The number of times to assist teams and enterprises to apply for various projects, carry out policy guidance and assistance, management consulting and other activities;Number of service activities such as intellectual property rights, industrial and commercial taxation, legal finance and accounting。

    One point per game,

    Maximum 6 points。


    Entrepreneurship education

    Training situation

    Provide entrepreneurship counseling and training (including technical training) for makers

    1 point per 60 people

    Maximum 6 points。


    Other innovations

    Entrepreneurial activity

    Project roadshows, entrepreneurial salons, entrepreneurial competitions, resource matchmaking meetings, market matchmaking meetings and other activities。

    1 point is awarded for each 2 matches, with a maximum of 6 points。



    Financing and




    Provide investment and financing

    Service situation

    Provide technology microfinance, technology finance, venture capital, policy financing or financing planning services for makers。

    One point per game,

    Maximum 7 points。


    Investment and financing status of makers and successful incubation cases

    The details of the investment and financing received by the maker projects/enterprises in the mass maker space;Successful incubation cases refer to the fact that the maker project has been incubated into an enterprise in the mass maker space or the maker enterprise has achieved good development in the mass maker space, and relevant supporting materials need to be provided。

    2 points for each item, maximum 8 points。


    Extra point


    Other rich

    Characteristic entrepreneurship

    Service situation

    Different from other traditional innovation and entrepreneurship services, relevant supporting materials need to be provided。

    2 points for each item, maximum 4 points。


    Receive honor


    Obtain honors from relevant national business departments;Won the honor of relevant business departments of the autonomous region。

    National honor plus 6 points;

    Add 3 points for each provincial honor;According to the highest term, shall not be accumulated。


    External cooperation


    Introduction of international capital projects/enterprises (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan)。

    Each two points, maximum six points。


    Media report


    The situation of obtaining well-known media reports at home and abroad。

    Each time counts 1 point, maximum 4 points。