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  • Hulunbuir City Science and Technology Bureau on collecting 2023 science and technology expert database experts notice

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  • Hulunbuir City Science and Technology Bureau on collecting 2023 science and technology expert database experts notice

    Release time: 2023-08-14 16:31 Source: Hulunbuir Science and Technology Bureau 浏览:272

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    The competent department of science and technology in each city and the relevant units:

    In order to deepen the reform of science and technology plan management and continuously optimize the construction of science and technology experts,Now open to the city solicitation2023 experts in various fields of science and technology, the specific notification requirements are as follows:

    1. Scope of collection

    Focusing on key areas such as modern equipment manufacturing, new chemicals, new materials, biomedicine, green agricultural and livestock product processing, digital economy, new energy, modern service industry and other high-level technical experts from universities, research institutes, enterprises and other fields will be attracted to participate in project review, business consulting, scientific and technological services and other activities within the city。

    2. Method of solicitation

    (1) Public solicitation。The municipal Science and Technology Bureau is open to the public for solicitation, and qualified individuals can apply, which will be recommended by the competent department and submitted to Hulunbuir Science and Technology Development Center。

    (2) Directional invitation。According to the actual demand for experts in review, consultation and other activities, experts in relevant fields can be invited to directly participate in science and technology service activities。

    3. Collection requirements

    (1) Basic conditions

    1.Firm political stance, objective and fair, realistic, with good professional ethics and industry ethics, no academic misconduct, disciplinary violations and other bad behavior record。

    2.Willing to undertake and competent expert work, and follow the management regulations required by the business delegation。

    3..Have enough time and energy to complete the review, evaluation, consultation and other work;Under the age of 65。

    (2) Professional conditions

    1.Familiar with relevant policies, regulations and technical standards, have rich work or research experience in the industry, familiar with the latest development trends of relevant industries or fields at home and abroad, have a high professional level and strong analytical judgment ability。

    2.In principle, technical experts should have a title of deputy senior or above (or obtain a state-recognized professionalTechnical qualification certificate) or doctoral degree to carry out research work in a related fieldMore than 5 years;As the person in charge who has undertaken the national science and technology plan project (subject), autonomous region science and technology plan project (subject), city level science and technology plan project (subject), or provincial and ministerial level science and technology award winners, outstanding scientific and technological talents with outstanding research achievements are not subject to title restrictions。

    3.Financial experts are mainly certified public accountants, senior accountants, senior auditors who are familiar with the management system of scientific research funds, or relevant personnel with deputy senior titles in finance and economics or above in universities and research institutes。

    4. Declaration time and materials

    (1) Collection time

    The collection time is:2023年814至2023年1015日。

    (二)Submit information

    Experts need to submit the "Hulunbuir City Science and Technology Expert Information Form", recommended units need to fill in the "Science and Technology Expert Information Summary Form" stamped and scannedPDF file,word versionSend to。

    (三)Contact information

    Contact person: Zhang Baoli  

    Contact number:8228309


    附件:   1.Hulunbuir City science and technology expert information table

    2.Hulunbuir City science and technology experts information summary table



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