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  • The growth rate of Guizhou's digital economy has ranked first in China for six consecutive years

  •  Release time: 2022-01-25 Clicks: 949  
  • Science and Technology Daily reporter He Xinghui

    Recently, at the fifth session of the 13th People's Congress of Guizhou Province, Guizhou Governor Li Bingjun mentioned in the government work report that Guizhou's digital economy accelerated breakthrough in 2021, and the growth rate ranked first in the country for six consecutive years。

    In 2021, the gross regional product of Guizhou will complete 1.96 trillion yuan, digital economy accounted for 34% of regional GDP。Approved to build a national integrated computing power network (Guizhou) hub node, vigorously promote digital industrialization, industrial digitization, in-depth implementation of "integration of 10,000 enterprises" and "leading 100 enterprises", software business revenue growth ranked first in China。Guiyang Guian has become one of the regions with the largest concentration of super-large data centers in the world, and open innovation platforms such as Guiyang Comprehensive Protection Zone continue to play a siphon effect on talents and big data industry, and Guizhou's "big data" business card continues to attract attention at home and abroad。

    In 2022, Guizhou will seize the opportunity to develop emerging industries such as big data, and further promote the construction of the national big data comprehensive pilot zone。This year's GDP is expected to exceed 2 trillion yuan, and the digital economy will account for about 36 percent of GDP. We will deepen the integration of more than 2,000 real economy enterprises with big data, implement major breakthroughs in the digital industry, and contribute important growth poles to accelerating the transformation of old and new growth drivers。