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Scientific and technological frontier


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  • In the early morning of July 21, Beijing time, Tesla Motors today announced the company's financial results for the second quarter of the fiscal year 2022。The report shows that Tesla Motors revenue in the second quarter was 169.$3.4 billion, compared with 119 in the same period last year.$5.8 billion, an increase of 42%;Net profit of 22.$6.9 billion, compared with a net profit of 11.$7.8 billion;Net income attributable to common shareholders was 22.$5.9 billion, compared with net income attributable to common Stockholders for the same period last year.$4.2 billion, an increase of 98%;Diluted earnings per share attributable to common Stockholders...

    商务 2022-07-21 Sina Technology
  • TSMC to expand mature and special process nodes, and an expansion is 50%!Really, this news is really a little surprising, after all, TSMC has always been known for advanced technology, and is still tirelessly towards 3nm, 2nm, everyone thinks that he does not care about mature technology。However, it wants to increase the mature process by 50%, and TSMC CEO Wei Zhe Jia said that within three years, the mature and special node capacity will be increased by 50%。This suddenly stimulated everyone's discussion, saying that TSMC felt that its production capacity was not enough in mature processes and wanted to expand production capacity。But TSMC's mature process...

    芯片 2022-07-20 Sina Technology
  • Wang said financial news: South Korea's two giants "infighting", Chinese manufacturers take the opportunity to rise!As we all know, South Korea, in the world chip field has a pivotal role, technology is in the forefront, which also includes OLED panel technology。In this technology, South Korea has two giants - Samsung and LG。However, in the past 10 years, the two giants fell into "infighting" and fought a 10-year "court battle" that finally came to an end last month。However, the Japanese media pointed out that during the period when Samsung and LG claimed that the other party illegally obtained technology and accused each other, the global OLED panel market has witnessed huge growth.

    芯片 2022-07-19 Sina Technology
  • According to the latest issue of the British "Nature Communications" report, the University of Michigan has developed a semiconductor material that can achieve "quantum flipping" from conductors to insulators at room temperature, helping to develop a new generation of quantum devices and ultra-efficient electronic devices。The researchers observed in a two-dimensional tantalum sulfide layer just one atom thick that the bizarre electronic structure supporting this quantum flip was previously only available at -37.Stable at ultra-low temperatures of 8 ° C, the new material can now remain stable at up to 77 ° C。Robert Ho, assistant professor of materials science and engineering at the University of Michigan...

    2022-01-25 Science and Technology Daily
  • Science and Technology Daily reporter Liu Xia How many black holes are there in the universe?This is one of the most pressing questions in modern astrophysics and cosmology,Scientists now have an answer!Scientists from the International Institute for Advanced Studies (SISSA) in Italy and other institutions wrote in the latest issue of the Astrophysical Journal,For the first time, they counted the number of stellar black holes,And calculated its distribution throughout the universe,From this, the number of black holes in the observable universe is about 400 billion billion。In the latest study, scientists linked SISSA researcher Dr. Mario Spera...

    The universe, black holes 2022-01-22 Science and Technology Daily
  • According to a paper published in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology on the 20th, people who watch TV for 4 hours or more a day have a 35 percent higher risk of developing blood clots。In this study, scientists investigated the relationship between watching TV and venous thromboembolism (VTE)。VTE includes pulmonary embolism and deep vein thrombosis。The researchers used meta-analyses to combine the results of studies relevant to the topic to reach more precise and reliable conclusions。The analysis included three studies with a total of 131,421 participants aged 40 years and older who did not have a pre-existing VT.

    Binge-watching, blood clots, 30% 2022-01-22 Science and Technology Daily
  • According to the physicists organization network recently reported that researchers from Peking University in China, the University of Washington in the United States, Michigan State University and other institutions worked together to create the world's lightest magnesium isotope so far, magnesium-18, which helps scientists better understand how atoms are formed。The Earth is rich in natural magnesium, which was produced in stars long ago and is now an important part of the minerals of the Earth's crust and an indispensable nutrient in our daily diet。This magnesium is stable, and its nuclei do not fall apart。The new magnesium isotope, magnesium-18, is unstable and cannot be found in nature.

    Magnesium, isotopes, atoms 2022-01-06 Science and Technology Daily
  • A number of new studies have shown that the mutated Omicron strain of the novel coronavirus, while spreading like wildfire around the world, appears to be far less severe than initially feared。Some scientists have speculated that the outbreak is entering a new, less worrisome phase, and that Omicron's high infectivity and low pathogenicity could signal "the beginning of the end" of the outbreak.。However, the World Health Organization's European regional official warned on the 4th that the surge in global infection rates could increase the risk of the virus mutating and even emerging more dangerous mutated strains。People attend the New Year's Eve celebration at Times Square in New York, the United States, December 31, 2021。Due to the mutation of the COVID-19 Omicron virus...

    Omicron, the mutation 2022-01-06 Science and Technology Daily
  • Recently, Egyptian scientists used three-dimensional CT (computed tomography) imaging for the first time to "digitally unseal" the mummy of Pharaoh Amenhotep I and released the details of his face。Amenhotep's physical appearance, the study found, was similar to his father's: a narrow jaw, a small nose, curly hair, and slightly protruding upper teeth。This is the first time in 3,000 years that the mummy of Amenhotep I has been virtually 'opened'。They reported their findings in the journal Frontiers in Medicine on Monday。All Egyptian royal mummies discovered in the 19th and 20th centuries have long been opened for study。…

    Pharaohs, mummies, Egypt 2022-01-04 Science and Technology Daily
  • Photo source: Russian satellite News Agency Science and Technology Daily reporter Dong Yingbi Recently, Russia's Moscow University held a "university quantum network" launch ceremony。This is the first communication network built in Russia on the basis of the quantum key generation and distribution system ViPNet QSS, which was jointly developed by the Center for Quantum Technology and the Department of Physics of Moscow University in collaboration with InfoTeCS。The network connects five quantum devices installed at Moscow University, Mohovaya Street and InfoTeCS headquarters。These devices distribute quantum keys to 20 user terminals。In the item box...

    Quantum Networks, Moscow University 2022-01-04 Science and Technology Daily
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