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Intellectual property services


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Intellectual property services

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Copyright of works

       Copyright of works is the legal ownership of the right to reproduce literary works, musical works, photographs, films, etc。Copyright is generally considered to belong to the author unless transferred to another party。


       Copyright can be acquired in two ways: automatically and by registration。In China, according to the copyright law, a work is automatically copyrighted when it is completed。 The so-called completion is relatively speaking, as long as the object of creation has met the statutory conditions for the composition of the work, it can be protected as a work by the copyright law。In theory, according to different nature, copyright can be divided into copyright and adjacent rights。To put it simply, copyright is for the person who created the original spiritual product, while the concept of adjacent rights is for the participants in the relevant industry who perform or assist in the dissemination of the carrier of the work, such as performers, producers of audio and video products, radio and television stations, publishing houses, etc。


       Works that may be protected by copyright include novels, poems, essays, papers, shorthand records, digital games and other written works;Lectures, speeches, sermons and other oral works;Musical compositions with or without words;Dramatic or musical dramatic works;Pantomime and dance works, paintings, calligraphy, printmaking, sculpture, engraving and other works of art;Works of applied art;Works of architectural art;Photographic works of art;Film works;Schematics, maps, designs, sketches and three-dimensional works relating to geography, topography, architecture, science and technology。



█ Guide the client to prepare all the application documents required for the registration of the work。 

█ Submit the application documents to China Copyright Protection Center through the electronic application system。 

█ █ Copyright Center will complete the review within 35 working days from the date of acceptance, and issue the copyright registration certificate of the work 3 working days after the announcement of registration。



1, a copy of the business license with official seal, personal application to provide a copy of the ID card。 

2. Sample of works (submit paper or electronic version) 

3. Description of works

4. Application form for copyright registration of works