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  • The growth rate of Guizhou's digital economy has ranked first in China for six consecutive years2022-01-25
  • There are 400 trillion trillion black holes in the universe2022-01-22
  • Quantum computer simulation of baryons for the first time is an important step towards understanding the universe through quantum simulation2021-11-16
  • Watching TV for 4 hours a day increases blood clot risk by 30%2022-01-22
  • The Pan-European Asiatic language family probably originated from the spread of agriculture in China about 9,000 years ago2021-11-16

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Innovation and entrepreneurship

Innovation and entrepreneurship
  • makerspace

    Makerspace, the innovation incubator。"Mass" is the subject, "creation" is the content, and "space" is the carrier...
  • Science and technology incubator

    Science and technology business incubator (also known as high-tech entrepreneurship service center, hereinafter referred to as the entrepreneurship center) is to promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements......
  • accelerator

    Technology EnterpriseAccelerator (EnterpriseAccelerator) is a kind of fast growing enterprises as the main service object...
  • Technology transfer

    • Test content

      Test content

      Test content Test content

    • Sequential simulation of the moving bed coupled crystallization process of xylo-oligosaccharide...


      Xylo-oligosaccharide is a functional sugar composed of 2-7 xylose molecules combined with β-1, 4-glucoside bonds. It has the characteristics of heat stability, low cariogenic, and difficult digestion, etc. It can selectively promote the proliferation activity of intestinal bifidobacteria, and its bifidobacteria function is 10-20 times that of other polymersugars。Due to the complexity of the fermentation products, the properties of the substances in the system are very close, the separation is difficult, and the separation of the products is very difficult.

    • Dress (Mongolian Style 9)

      Mongolian element礼服

      1.The name of this design product: Dress (Mongolian style 9)。2.Purpose of this design product: This design product is used for wearing。3.The main points of this design product are the shape, pattern and the combination of shape and pattern of the product。4.The picture or photograph that best illustrates the design points of this design: Stereogram。5.Omitted view: up view and top view are uncommon views...